• Name : Larnell "Neezy" Anderson
  • Born : February 27th / Denver, Co.
  • Larnell "Neezy" Anderson is a vocalist and writer, in the group F.W.N. Born and raised in Denver, Colorado, Neezy fell on hard times as a youth finding himself placed in the Denver Foster Care System. Neezy, being separated from his family most of his adolescent life, grew very close to making music. After meeting his mentor JG, with them growing closer, Neezy would become the member to make up the group "F.W.N.". Never forgetting where he came from or the things he has been through, he is determined to change the world with his truth. Coining the phrase "Bell Side where I came from, F.W.N. where I'm at now" meaning "look at what God has done".